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Brief introduction to Core Facilities

Thank you for your interest in UNC core facilities. UNC has more than 50 basic and translational science research core facilities whose function is to serve UNC investigators to further the research enterprise. Many of these core facilities offer state-of-the-art technologies with trained staff and expertise to help with experimental design and analysis. Most UNC core facilities are open to all investigators on a first-come first-serve basis and operate on a cost recovery financial model, offering rates that are competitive with similar facilities around the country. Our core facilities are headed by core directors expert in the technologies offered and who are advised by a technology advisory group. Well-trained staffs promise accurate, reproducible, and timely results. Much information about UNC core facilities can be found by accessing the UNC core facilities website. There you will find everything from policies guiding core facility activities at UNC, to articles highlighting the latest advances coming from our core facilities, to a database of core facility equipment and services searchable by broad categories, specific keywords, by director name, or by type of equipment.