OoR diagram


The mission of the School of Medicine (SOM) Office of Research (OoR) is to support research in the School of Medicine. The Office of Research reports to Dr. Blossom Damania, the Vice Dean for Research in the UNC SOM. The office oversees the infrastructure, communication and development necessary for a strong and growing research enterprise. Collaboration is one of the great strengths of UNC-Chapel Hill’s research enterprise and the SOM investigators, and the OoR works closely with many different units and offices throughout the institution to increase interdisciplinary science and maximize the resources available to our researchers.

What does the SOM Office of Research do?

  • Works on implementation of the SOM Strategic Plan includes promoting team science, supporting departmental equipment infrastructure, supporting core facilities, expanding computational/informatics infrastructure and access, and working with regional partners.
  • Provides strategic investments for TTSA/ECBR Pilot Awards, Shared Equipment Grant costshares, Startup packages, Retention packages, and Bridge funding. See our Funding Resources for further information
  • Supports development of grant proposals (especially training and instrumentation grants) and interdisciplinary programs in a variety of ways.
  • Conducts the SOM review for some limited awards. Check the Calendar of Award Deadlines for more information on deadlines and administrative contacts.
  • Promote faculty recognition for awards and honors
  • Enhances administrative support for Core Facilities and works on enabling access to cutting edge technologies.
  • Works with the SOM Planning Office and SOM administrative units to efficiently maximize SOM space allocation.
  • Works closely with the SOM Office of Graduate Education to enhance the training of next generation researchers.
  • Coordinates support for Conflict of Interest management in the SOM.