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The SOM Research Environment & Resources

Research Environment

One of the great strengths of research at UNC-Chapel Hill is the collaborative culture. Collaboration is fostered by the 5 Health Affairs Schools [Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Pharmacy and Public Health being adjacent to each other and to the College of Arts of Sciences. This encourages collaborations between physical, biomedical, clinical and population-based investigators.

Chapel Hill also offers a great deal both financially and culturally. Check out the relative buying power of $100 in all 50 states. Culturally Chapel Hill offers great restaurants, film, music, art and theatre.

Resources available in the OoR

The Office of Research provides a variety of infrastructure support for investigators in the School of Medicine and throughout the institution. One of the strengths of the research at UNC is the extremely active collaborative work that involves all 5 Health Affairs Schools, plus the College of Arts & Sciences, the School of Social Work, and the Law School. This office provides assistance with many types of grants, but especially with equipment, training and multidisciplinary efforts. For assistance with the items listed below please email or call (919) 962-8089.

  • Boilerplate for Resource section of proposals
  • Assistance with instrumentation grants
  • Assistance with proposal preparation
  • Information on proposal processing at UNC
  • Information on Conflict of Interest issues
  • Limited submission awards [campus-wide, see Center for Faculty Excellence or Office of Research Development]. There is a Calendar of Award Deadlines on this website.
  • Requests for assistance with research faculty startup packages
  • Requests for assistance with retention packages for current faculty
  • Animal space and care issues
  • Information on Core facilities
  • SOM team-based pilot projects
  • Information on Bridge funding

For information on these and other resources visit our Links page