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Below is a list of teams that have received awards:

Creation of a Firearm Event Registry and Evaluation of Gun Shows’ Impact on Gun Violence Rates

Sanjay Batish, MD (Batish Family Medicine), Adam Goldstein, MD, MPH (UNC-Chapel Hill), Sarah Kowitt, PhD, MPH (UNC-Chapel Hill), Joseph Pino, MD, MHA (Novant Health),Tara Queen, PhD (UNC-Chapel Hill).

Understanding Pediatric Epilepsy Surgery Disparities within the State of North Carolina

Qian-Zhou (Jojo) Yang (UNC-Chapel Hill)

Pilot Study Incorporating Biometric Data Evaluation for Patients with Head and Neck Cancer

Patrick Maguire, MD, MSF (Novant Health), Collette Shen, MD, PhD (UNC-Chapel Hill), Obiageli Obgata, MD (Novant Health), Michael Repka, MD (UNC-Chapel Hill), Kevin Roof, MD (Southeastern Radiation Oncology Group / Novant Health), Lucasz Mazur, PhD (UNC-Chapel Hill), Lawrence Marks, MD (UNC-Chapel Hill).

Comparison of Adjuvant Monotherapy with Endocrine Therapy or Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation Following Lumpectomy for Low Risk Breast Cancer Patients Over 65

Dana Casey, MD (UNC-Chapel Hill), Ryan Morse, MD (UNC-Chapel Hill), Patrick Maguire, MD, MSF (Novant Health).

Pharmacokinetics and Safety of Caffeine in Neonates with Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy 

Wesley Jackson, MD, MPH (UNC-Chapel Hill), Fernando Moya, MD (Novant Health)

Pharmacologic Therapies to Mitigate Radiation-Associated Heart Disease

Shivani Sud, MD (UNC-Chapel Hill), Patrick Maguire, MD, MSF (Novant Health)

Family Physicians and TGD Care in NC

Karen Isaacs, MD, MPH (Novant Health), Kathleen Young, PhD, MPH (Novant Health), Victoria Boggiano, MD, MPH (UNC-Chapel Hill), Rupal Yu, MD, MPH (UNC-Chapel Hill)