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Interactions with Industry/External Organizations

Related Policy Links and Brief Descriptions

SOM/HCS Vendor Relations Policy
This Policy provides guidelines to the UNC Health Care System (UNCHCS) and the University of the School of Medicine (SOM) Covered Personnel on how to engage with Vendors in ways that protect personal and institutional integrity. Covered Personnel are required to disclose all financial relationships at the time of any proposed activity under the terms of this Policy at the UNC-CH Activities Interests and Relationships website ( 

UNC-CH Policy on Individual Conflicts of Interest and Commitment
This policy describes the University’s approach and process for identifying, reviewing, and managing individual relationships to help assure the integrity of University academic and administrative endeavors.

UNC-CH External Professional Activities for Pay
This policy defines external professional activities for pay (EPAP) as any activity that:

  1. is not included within one’s University employment responsibilities;
  2. is performed for any entity, public or private, other than the University employer;
  3. is undertaken for compensation; and
  4. is based upon the professional knowledge, experience and abilities of the EPA employee.

All Faculty and EPA non-Faculty employees are required to file a “Notice of Intent to Engage in EPAP” request through the online system at least ten (10) days before engaging in the external activity at the UNC-CH Activities Interests and Relationships website (

Research Integrity

Compliance is operationalized or incorporated into the teaching, research, and health care missions through a distributed network of program offices, School committees, academic unit leadership and UNC Health Care partners. We invite University researchers, students and administrators to call on us for assistance with training, policies, procedures or problem-solving. More information can be found at the Research Compliance Program website.

In July 2020, the University established a new division, Institutional Integrity and Risk Management, that houses Conflict of Interest, Privacy and Export Control to support campus wide compliance in these domains.  More information can be found at the UNC-CH Division of Institutional Integrity and Risk Management website.

Ethics Point:

The University’s Compliance Line is a secure method through which to submit an anonymous report regarding research compliance either online or by telephone. All reports submitted through the Compliance Line will be given careful attention by appropriate UNC-Chapel Hill offices and officials.

UNC Policy and Procedures on Responding to Allegations of Research Misconduct:

This UNC Policy and Procedures on Responding to Allegations of Research Misconduct applies to all research conducted under the auspices of the University, regardless of the source of financial support, and is limited to addressing research misconduct as defined by federal statute (fabrication or falsification of data and plagiarism).


Heather Skinner, JD
SOM Director of Research Integrity and Compliance

Eric Everett, PhD
Institutional Research Integrity Officer