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How we are keeping you safe from COVID-19?

**Special Notice –  Steroid Injections and the COVID Vaccine**

Appointments for steroid injections will need to be coordinated around your scheduled Covid vaccine.  Appointments in orthopaedics for steroid injections will be scheduled outside of a three-week window of the Covid vaccine.  This three-week window during which time we will not schedule you for a steroid injection, is two weeks prior to, and one week following your Covid vaccine.

Before Your Visit

Before you come for your visit, we are preparing to keep you safe by doing the following:

  • We check with your provider to see if it essential for you to see us in person. If you do not need to be seen in person, you may be offered a phone or video visit to ensure you continue to get care without needing to travel.
  • You will be interviewed during the appointment process to assess your risk of exposure to COVID-19 and will be offered resources and support.

At Our Clinic

We are taking the following precautions to ensure your safety when you come to our clinic:

  • Reducing the number of patients seen in our clinic at one time to maintain social distancing
  • Asking you to wait in your vehicle until the clinic is ready to see you to avoid having you spending excess time in the waiting room
  • Providing surgical masks to you to protect you and our staff from transmission. (Note: We cannot see any patient in our clinics if they are not wearing a mask)
  • Our staff always wear masks to keep both them and you safe.
  • We limit the number of staff who interact with you during your visit
  • Any COVID-positive patients who need urgent care are seen after hours in a separate clinic space


No visitors/companions are allowed in outpatient areas unless they meet one of these exceptions:

  • One visitor will be allowed for pediatric patients
  • One visitor may be allowed at the discretion of the care team for patients who cannot otherwise safely navigate their appointments

Virtual Visits

We also continue to offer virtual visits to our patients. This is a safe and easy way to connect with your provider to access care without leaving your home. A few things to know about virtual care include:

  • It’s private and secure
  • Patients can use computers or smartphones
  • Most insurance companies will cover the visit at no expense
  • The visit is conducted in the comfort of your home
  • We can order x-rays or other imaging; prescriptions; and durable medical equipment, such as braces or walking boots, if needed.

Preparing for Surgery

As you prepare for your surgery, we are taking the following extra precautions to keep you safe by having you take a COVID-19 test within about 48 hours before surgery. If you test positive, we may delay your surgery until it is safer for you to proceed as COVID+ patients have more risk of surgical complications.

Also, please know that visitors are not allowed at our surgical locations and must drop you off and pick you up at the door of our facilities. An exception to this is one parent/guardian per pediatric patient.

COVID-19 Risks

Of symptomatic patients in our area only 5.3% test positive for COVID 19, and symptomatic patients are not allowed into clinic. For patients who screen negative before appointments, the chance of anyone having COVID is less than 1%.

If you are currently a UNC Orthopaedic patient, you can continue to reach us through My UNC Chart. You may also reach out to us at (919) 962-6637. If you have an emergent issue, please call 911.

Patient Resources

For more resources how UNC is working to protect you during the COVID-19 crisis, visit: