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Congratulations to Jennifer McEntee, MD for being appointed to the Medical Staff Executive Committee (MSEC) and thank you to departing member Gary Winzelberg, MD. 

The MSEC consists of the officers of the Medical Staff, the Department Chairs, the Chief Nursing Officer, the Deans of the Schools of Medicine and Dentistry, the President of the House Staff Council, the President of UNC Faculty Physicians, and the President of UNC Hospitals. The MSEC acts on behalf of the Medical Staff on issues related to all aspects of medical practice. It receives reports on hospital operations, GME, and Nursing. The MSEC also receives and acts on reports and recommendations from Medical Staff committees and Hospitals departments.   The committee is responsible for making recommendations to the Board of Directors on issues related to Rules and Regulations of the Medical Staff, mechanisms to review credentials and delineate clinical privileges, and performance improvement activities.