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UNC Palliative Care’s Kyle Lavin, MD, MPH along with Kristina Paré, BSPH, Joanna Grudziak, MD, MPH, May-Britt Sten, MSN, RN, CPHQ, Anneka Huegerich, BSN, RN, Karl Umble, PhD, MPH, Emma Twer, BS, and Trista Reid, MD, MPH, recently published the results of a pilot study evaluating family perceptions and experiences around palliative care in a surgical intensive care unit (SICU) in the Journal of Patient Experience. Interviews with families of patients admitted to the SICU revealed the importance of frequent and clear communication and inclusion in the decision-making process. Click the citation below to read the full article.

Paré K, Grudziak J, Lavin K, et al. Family Perceptions of Palliative Care and Communication in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit. Journal of Patient Experience. January 2021. doi:10.1177/23743735211033095