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Photo of Jared Lowe with his dog Birgie

Q&A with Jared Lowe, MD

Why did you decide to work in palliative care?

I was initially drawn to palliative care during my intern year working with palliative care physicians rounding on an inpatient oncology unit. They were excellent role models, who used their specialized training in symptom management and communication while navigating the medical complexities of patients with serious illness. I saw them practice truly patient-centered medicine, identifying and treating what mattered most to patients. This resonated with me and felt like the physician role I’d first imagined when applying to medical school. The further I went in my training and saw how amazing and intensive medical therapies could save lives, I also saw how the person that life belonged to could become a secondary priority. I felt like we needed to focus more on the person and their values. Ultimately I decided to work in palliative care to be an advocate for patients and families grappling with the challenges of serious illness in our complex medical system.

What is your favorite part of your job?

I love the sense of purpose that working in hospice and palliative care provides. Ma

Photo of Jared Lowe with nieces and nephew

ny of the situations we encounter are literally about decisions related to life and death, and we have an opportunity to help patients and families make the most of their time. Particularly in hospice care, it’s incredibly rewarding to provide medical care that lets patients be with their families (or pets!) at home or

in our hospice house.

What do you enjoy most about living in the Triangle area?

My husband and I have lived in the Triangle area for almost fifteen years, and we’ve had a chance to live in Chapel Hill, Carrboro, Durham, and now Pittsboro. I love how each area has its own personality and charm. In Pittsboro, we have plenty of green areas for our dog Birgie to enjoy or for our nieces and nephews to visit and explore, all while being a short drive from the rest of the Triangle.