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We appreciate your patience as we navigate this complicated and evolving process. Many of you have questions about your status on the 1a vaccination list:

  • For people that received a 1A e-mail that were not on your departmental 1A list
    • If you received a 1A priority e-mail but work in a low-risk area, please delay scheduling an appointment in order for our higher risk employees to be scheduled for a vaccine first. We appreciate your willingness to do this and it will not impede your ability to get a vaccine in the future.
  • For those in 1A that received the 1A UNC Health e-mail but not DHHS state e-mail
    • Our system leadership is working continuously with the state to roll these e-mails out as fast as possible. These e-mails are being sent out by the state in small batches and will take time to get to everyone.