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To Our Faculty Physicians and APPs:
I want to share with each of you our commitment to ensuring your safety during this pandemic. The arrival of the vaccine is an exciting turning point for all of us. The UNC FP Leadership is personally committed to ensuring that all of us who wish to receive the vaccination will receive it.

In the early rollout of the vaccination, there were some missteps which led to confusion, frustration, and anger. I understand.

We submitted multiple files from the combined Medical Center and School of Medicine teams, and one of these files included names of some co-workers who do not qualify for 1a. In response, we put in place several processes to prevent these individuals from scheduling a vaccine appointment at this time.

Please also know that as of today, due to issues within the state system, only 46% of eligible 1a individuals from UNC FP and School of Medicine have received their communication from the state. This is a problem across the state, not just at UNC, and multiple groups are working very hard to remedy this.

There is ample vaccine on hand at this time, and more is on the way. Our vaccination clinics are adding more slots to our schedules to increase access. Very soon, we will be able to provide more than 600 vaccinations a day, and each of you will have the opportunity to receive the vaccine. UNC FP leadership also pledges to receive the vaccine, but only when we are eligible.

We know that this is an enormously stressful time, and that you are working incredibly hard under challenging conditions. We will overcome these early frustrations.

Thank you for all you are doing to care for our patients as we work to ensure our own health and safety.