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COVID-19 Vaccinations: Guidance for Managers
As we prepare to begin providing COVID-19 vaccinations, we need your help to guide your staff through the process. Please review the information below and send any questions to

Managers Should Reinforce the Following Key Points:

  • The vaccine will be available first to healthcare personnel at high risk of COVID exposure, and then to all co-workers in phases defined by the state
  • The vaccine is not required, though we do strongly recommend it based on the safety data – see for details.
  • Co-workers will receive an email from UNC Health and DHHS, and will be required to register with a NC Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) portal before scheduling an appointment and receiving a COVID-19 vaccine. If co-workers need assistance with this process, managers can assist.
  • Even after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine, we all must continue to wear our masks and eye protection, wash our hands frequently and keep at least six feet of distance whenever possible.

Assistance to Overcome Potential Language/Technology Barriers
For the first few weeks of our vaccinations effort, the DHHS portal and DHHS emails will be available in English only. Additionally, many co-workers do not have regular access to email. Please assist members of your staff who may encounter these barriers. Note:

  • Managers in areas with eligible staff who do not have regular access to email (such as EVS, NFS, Patient Transport, Guest Services, etc.) should facilitate access to email and the state DHHS site.
  • When eligible to receive a vaccine, each co-worker will first receive an email from UNC Health with registration tips (in English and Spanish).
  • DHHS will then email each co-worker (in English only), and a link in this email must be used to register online in the state’s portal and complete a COVID-19 questionnaire and consent form (all in English only).

Work with your Team to Stagger COVID-19 Vaccinations
After completing the DHHS process, team members should speak with their manager before scheduling their COVID-19 vaccination. Managers should:

  • Assist with providing coverage for workforce members to be vaccinated during a scheduled shift
  • Consider impact on the schedule if workforce members experience side effects that result in an absence; stagger appointments in order to minimize potential staffing shortages
  • Assist with vaccine appointment scheduling as needed


Next Steps
Please watch your email closely today and over the weekend. As we learn more and refine our vaccine distribution plans, we will continue to provide updates by email with our managers, co-workers and providers and on the intranet. FAQs in English and Spanish are also available and updated regularly.