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DIR_GPAM_Raffa, Brittany

Dr. Brittany Raffa, Assistant Professor in General Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, has been named to the School of Medicine’s Physician Scientist Training Program. As part of the Forward Together Strategic Plan, the UNC School of Medicine Physician Scientist Training Program (PSTP) supports a small number of clinicians committed to translating research findings to advance the practice of medicine in addition to providing clinical care and teaching. PSTP is a pipeline to recruit, train, and retain promising individuals and provide them with support and mentorship to cultivate their research programs. The PSTP supports physician scientists at both the resident or fellowship level and the early stage faculty level.

Dr. Raffa’s research serves to inform policy that will improve population health outcomes. Her first of its kind project is focused on examining the effect of extended Medicaid postpartum coverage on mothers and infants in North Carolina which has major implications for policy making at the state and national level.

Read more about the other awardees and the SOM PSTP Program. Congratulations Brittany!