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Doctor with child patient
The CMEP staff has developed a statewide network of local providers who perform medical and psychological assessments of children referred by DSS agencies to help determine the presence or extent of abuse and neglect.

Established in 1976, the Child Medical Evaluation Program (CMEP) is a cooperative effort of the UNC School of Medicine’s Department of Pediatrics, the N.C. State Division of Social Services, the N.C. Legislature, local Departments of Social Services, and local medical and mental health providers.

Payment for the services is provided through a contract with the State Office of Social Services. There are approximately 100 medical providers and 50 psychological providers in the state as well as referral clinics at the major medical centers. The CMEP of North Carolina has served as a model for the development of similar programs in other states in efforts to identify, treat, and prevent maltreatment of children.