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Medical Aspects of Child Abuse and Neglect for Non-Medical Professionals is a blended online course that teaches you how and when to partner with the experts who provide child medical evaluations (CMEs). Topics covered in this course include assessing children’s injuries, communicating with medical professionals, and helping families understand and prepare for CMEs. This course was developed by the UNC-CH Child Medical Evaluation Program in partnership with and with funding from the NC Division of Social Services.

Prerequisite: Child Welfare in North Carolina: Pre-Service or completion of other required pre-service training based on date of employment and functional responsibilities (for NCDSS Child Welfare Staff).

Contact Hours: 12 hours. This training can be credited toward the required 18/39 hours of additional training within the first year or the 24-hour continuing education requirement. NOTE: This blended online training is a redesigned version of the previously offered 2-day classroom course of the same title Medical Aspects of Child Abuse and Neglect for Non-Medical Professionals.

Course Structure: To receive a certificate of completion participants must complete the following course requirements in sequence:

  1. Self-Paced Online Session. Participants have approximately four weeks to complete nine (9) self-paced online modules.
  2. Knowledge Assessment. After completing the self-paced session, participants must take a Knowledge Assessment. NOTE: Participants who do not complete the self-paced online session and the knowledge assessment will not be allowed to attend the virtual classroom session.
  3. Live Session: Putting It into Practice. After completing the self-paced session and Knowledge Assessment, participants attend a day of training in a virtual classroom environment.

Open To: This course is open to child welfare social workers and supervisors employed in a NC County Department of Social Services in the areas of CPS Intake, CPS Assessments, CPS Occasional On-Call, CPS In-Home Services and Permanency Planning including Independent Living (LINKS), Foster Home Licensing, or Adoptions.

Recommended For: This course is mandatory for all child welfare staff and supervisors employed in a NC County Department of Social Services. The course should be taken within the first year of employment.

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