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UNC COVID Ambulatory Scheduling

Please review below to determine which available location will best address patient needs and the method to schedule for that location.

Making the Most of Masking: Let’s Focus on Fit

Making the Most of your Mask: Let's Focus on Fit

We encourage you to watch the webinar, prepared by our UNC colleagues, to provide parents, families, and providers with pertinent background on aerosols, masks, and easy ways to improve mask fit, especially in kids. In addition to the webinar, check out the presentation slides with notes, and a handout that can be distributed to help parents adjust their kids’ mask for a better fit and better protection.

Resources for COVID Testing Questions

While children have been less severely affected by COVID-19 than adults, children of all ages can still get COVID-19. They can still spread it to other people, including people at high risk for severe infection. In some cases, children can also get very sick with COVID-19 and related conditions. Therefore, it is important that children can be tested for COVID-19 when a health care provider feels it is appropriate to do so.

UNC COVID Pediatric Pathways



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