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Safe at UNC

Any individual can experience harassment, sexual violence, interpersonal violence, and/or stalking, regardless of their identities. Individuals of marginalized communities, however, often face higher rates of harassment and violence and experience additional barriers in seeking help and support. Violence intersects with the different identities an individual holds and can impact how someone experiences violence and/or harassment, responds to trauma, accesses help and support, makes decisions about reporting, or moves forward in their coping and healing. This website is used in the School of Medicine and can be used anonymously. You are able to report discrimination, harassment,
 sexual violence, interpersonal violence, stalking, micro and macro aggressions.

Please visit Safe at UNC to review all of your available options, including filing an anonymous report. 

An anonymous report means the information you share does not identify you by name or through the details of the information. Anonymous reports are different from confidential reports. Confidential means identifying information is known but will not be shared without your consent. Anonymous means your identity is not known.

What You Can Expect

Any person can make a report to the University without disclosing their name or the names of others involved in the incident(s). You can use the online forms below or send unidentified information by mail, third party, in person, etc.

Depending on the amount of information available about the incident or the individuals involved, the University may be limited in responding to an anonymous report and/or limited in contacting the person alleged to have caused harm. An anonymous report may or may not result in action from the police or the University. At minimum, the University and/or law enforcement will document the submitted information.