We welcome your interest in the University of North Carolina Combined Residency in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics! Our philosophy of training residents in the disciplines of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics is rooted in the history of the program. In 1967, a UNC resident petitioned the boards of internal medicine and pediatrics to support training and board eligibility in both Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. The boards recognized this concept, and since this time UNC has integrated the training of residents across both disciplines. As one of the oldest combined programs, we have graduates who finished their residencies in the mid-1970s.

Since our program’s inception, we have strongly supported the philosophy that residents in combined training are most successful when fully integrated into each department. Internal Medicine-Pediatrics (Med-Peds) residents are given the same supervision, responsibilities and opportunities as their colleagues in the categorical medicine and pediatric residency training programs. With these opportunities, we have found that Med-Peds residents have thrived, successfully becoming the composite of what is best in both disciplines.

We recognize that combined training is a rigorous but unique opportunity. Though fully integrated into each of the departments, the residents also have a unique identity. The Med-Peds identity is supported with Med-Peds trained faculty, conferences/Grand Rounds and combined clinical rotations and continuity clinic experiences.

We believe our Medicine-Pediatrics Residency Training Program is one of the finest. Our residents are exposed to a wide variety of clinical experiences and emerge from residency well prepared for either primary care clinical practice or further sub-specialty training. We emphasize a scholarly, evidenced-based approach to medicine that provides skills in training and lifelong learning. If you are interested in a well-established academic program in a friendly environment, we hope that you will consider the Combined Internal Medicine-Pediatrics Residency at the University of North Carolina.


Our mission is to produce compassionate and scholarly physicians who will become leaders in their chosen field. At the completion of residency our graduates will be superbly prepared to begin a career as a generalist or to pursue further training as a sub-specialist.

Program Goals

  • To provide a comprehensive, well-integrated training experience in internal medicine and pediatrics
  • To provide a combined Med-Peds continuity clinic experience where residents serve as the primary physician for a panel of pediatric and adult patients over the course of their training
  • To foster compassionate delivery of health care and to offer opportunities to work with underserved populations both locally and internationally
  • To provide a collegial environment where residents feel supported, especially as related to their unique individual goals
  • To promote an atmosphere of scholarly inquiry where residents participate in quality improvement and research projects
  • To promote Med-Peds faculty development and to support the mentoring of Med-Peds residents