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With food allergy, every bit counts. Every bit more of a food could be the difference between tolerating a food and having an allergic reaction. Every bit more of desensitization could be the difference in feeling safe in social situations and being at risk. In a similar way, every bit more of generous giving allows us to do more of the research that brings us closer to solving food allergy. Previous gifts from patients and their families have directly supported our work in peanut sublingual immunotherapy and helped us to show that SLIT can be a safe and highly effective option for peanut allergy. They have also allowed us to explore less studied areas like tree nut allergies. And all of this work has helped move us closer to understanding why there is so much food allergy and what we can do to stop it. If you are interested in making a difference in the lives of patients with food allergy, please consider making a gift to the UNC FAI.

Roshnee Sharma, a student at UNC, talks about life with a peanut allergy and her effort to raise money for donations to the UNC Food Allergy Initiative.


For more information about how you can support the Food Allergy Initiative, email Keela Lyon, Senior Executive Director of Development, UNC Children’s Office of External Relations.


Keela Lyon

Senior Executive Director of Development
T. 919-843-2915