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Dr. Pandya in Clinic

Pediatric Genetics and Metabolism offers diagnosis, management, and genetic counseling for children and adults with disorders known or suspected to be inherited from a family member, resulting from a change in a person’s genetic code. Such disorders include birth defects, chromosomal abnormalities, unexplained mental retardation and inborn errors of metabolism. Our providers play a vital role with the State of North Carolina’s Newborn Screening Program, frequently identifying and treating disorders in newborn from across the state before the effects of a genetic disorder are irreversible. Our faculty are intentionally known for cutting-edge research and new treatments developed from clinical trials spanning decades.

The Mission of the Division of Genetics and Metabolism is to:

  • Provide state of the art care and support to children and adults with genetic and inherited metabolic disorders
  • Develop and implement innovative diagnostic tests and treatments for genetic and inherited metabolic disorders through cutting-edge research
  • Educate students, clinicians, patients and their families as well as the wider community about genetics and genomics