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Physician team in PICU

Pediatric Critical Care Medicine provides expert, multidisciplinary care for a broad spectrum of conditions impact infants, children and teenagers within the UNC Children’s Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) and the Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (PCICU).  Providers deploy a wide-variety of treatments and life support functions such as cardiac ECMO.  In addition to superior patient care, the Pediatric Critical Care Medicine Fellowship is one of the premier multidisciplinary training programs in the Southeast. Our faculty are leaders throughout Pediatrics and UNC Health, including the Clinical Skills and Patient Simulation Center, the Institute for Healthcare Quality Improvement, TeamSTEPPS™, and Pediatric Schwartz Center Rounds.


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  • Joyner & McNeal-Trice

    Joyner & McNeal-Trice Elected to American Pediatric Society

    The American Pediatric Society (APS) council members have formally elected Benny Joyner, MD, MPH, and Kenya McNeal-Trice, MD, to Active membership with the society. Active member nominations are accepted for individuals who reside in the United States or Canada who have distinguished themselves as child health leaders, teachers, scholars, policymakers, and/or clinicians and whose important contributions are recognized nationally and/or internationally, as determined by the Council, and who have well-established credentials as teachers, scholars, policymakers, and/or clinicians and whose contributions have advanced child health.

  • McNeal-Trice & Kihlstrom

    Kihlstrom and McNeal-Trice Receive Denny, Simon, Tingelstad Academic Service Award

    Meg Kihlstrom, MD, Associate Professor of Pediatrics in the Division of Critical Care Medicine, and Kenya McNeal-Trice, MD, Professor of Pediatrics in the Division of Hospital Pediatrics, have been awarded the Denny, Simon, Tingelstad Academic Service Award from the North Carolina Pediatric Society in recognition of their work with the Pediatric Residency Program at UNC.

  • Paul Shea, MD

    Shea Named Curriculum Representative for Simulation, Experiential Learning and Training

    Paul Shea, MD, has been named curriculum representative for simulation, experiential learning and training for the UNC School of Medicine. He will start his position in August 2022.

  • 2022 AOE Composite

    Academy of Educators – Recent Pediatric Inductees and Accomplishments

    We are excited to recognize our faculty and trainees for their recent Academy of Educator (AOE) accomplishments.  We are so grateful for their enthusiasm, dedication, and talents as UNC AOE educators. Founded in 2006, the Academy of Educators is designed to emphasize teaching and support faculty development both in Chapel Hill and across the state.