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You may choose to make your gift to the UNC Center for Excellence in Community Mental Health in various forms, using well-recognized gift vehicles that address your circumstances. You may also consult with your financial advisor to help determine the most appropriate way to structure your gift to benefit yourself, your family, and the Department. We are happy to work with you so please contact the UNC Health Foundation if you have any questions.

Learn More About Ways to Give

Ways to Make a Gift

Mail A Check. Send checks, payable to “UNC Health Foundation” to, include fund # in memo:

UNC Health Foundation
Attn: UNC Center for Excellence in Community Mental Health
123 West Franklin Street
Suite 510
Chapel Hill, NC 27516

Gifts of Cash. An outright gift of cash is usually the simplest method of giving. It is not subject to gift or estate taxes, and you can deduct the gift to the full extent of IRS rulings.

Gifts of Securities. You may deduct the full fair market value of long-term appreciated securities and avoid any tax on capital gain.

Gifts by Bequest. One of the easiest and most common ways for you to make a gift to the Department is through a bequest in your will. Bequests work particularly well if you are unable to make an immediate outright gift or if you have concerns about your long-term planning, but believe in our programs and want to support our future.

Life Income Gifts. By transferring property to the management of a trustee and establishing a life income arrangement from the principal of this property, you can make a substantial gift to the Department. Life income gifts can take several forms: unitrust, annuity trust, pooled income funds, and gift annuities. Typically, donors may place an underachieving but appreciated asset into the trust, have the trust sell the asset with no capital gains tax, and reinvest the proceeds to produce income for life for the donor and still provide for the Department upon their death. Other. Gifts of real estate, corporate matching gifts, and gifts of property with a retained right of usage. Any of these are well appreciated and will benefit the missions of the Department.

Ways to Structure Your Gift

Pledges. You may wish to extend your gifts over a period of time, especially if you plan to be a major gift donor. Most contributors who use this approach prepare or complete a written pledge letter that outlines the amount of the pledge, the payment schedule, and any specific designation for the gift. You may fulfill your pledge with gifts of cash, securities or other forms of personal or real property.