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To study simulation-based training for radiation therapists

Lukasz Mazur

Congratulations to Radiation Oncology assistant professor and Division of Healthcare Engineering head Dr. Lukasz Mazur on his receipt of a large, three year grant from the AHRQ for his project entitled β€œSimulation-Based Research to Enhance Performance of Radiation Therapistsβ€œ.

This research will develop and assess the impact of simulation-based training and neurofeedback for radiation therapists with the goal of improving their situational awareness and performance, and reducing mental workload. Such training for radiation therapists is particularly important because data show that they are responsible for detecting about 40% of all reported radiation therapy errors annually in the US. And while the number of treatment errors is quite small overall – at most about one error per 1,000 patients, and typically much less than that – a few errors can be quite serious and even life-threatening, so every strategy designed to detect and eliminate more of them is welcome.