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A key strength of the Department of Radiation Oncology is our highly collaborative environment. Together, we all work toward the common goals of providing the best and safest care for our patients today, and developing better cancer treatments for the future.


Administration personnel ensure a foundation of efficiency.

Clinical Division

Our highly collaborative environment has fostered world-class multidisciplinary oncology clinics where every new cancer patient receives a comprehensive treatment recommendation on the day of initial consultation that includes input from members of all the oncologic specialties including radiation oncology. As such, we serve as the specialty oncology referral center for the entire state of North Carolina. We have close ties with the world-renowned UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center, which have significantly enhanced our research and bench-side to bed-side focus. Members of our Clinical Division develop and participate in innovative translational clinical trials at both the institutional and national levels.

Healthcare Engineering Division

The Division has a broad focus, studying the impact of transformational leadership, Lean-based management practices, design of physical spaces and processes, and cognitive/behavioral factors. These in turn influence workers’ ability to perform their jobs well, with the ultimate goal of improving efficiency, reliability, safety and quality of radiation therapy treatment.

Therapeutic Medical Physics Division

Innovation has been a long-standing strength of the Therapeutic Medical Physics Division, exemplified by our pioneering work in image-based treatment planning systems during the 1980’s (PLanUNC), and today, in the development of nanotechnology-based radiation research technology.

Cancer Biology Division

Our Cancer Biology Division has as its focus the molecular underpinnings of cancer etiology and radiation response, and how to apply this knowledge to new cancer drug discovery.

(Note: The Division of Cancer Biology maintains its own web presence through the Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center.)

Emeriti Faculty