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Cutting edge treatments require a cutting edge research and development team. Here are some of the projects we’re working on in the areas of clinical research and physics and computing. Our work results in improved clinical outcomes for our patients. (Note: The Division of Cancer Biology maintains its own web presence through the Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center.)

Clinical Research

Includes retrospective studies looking for patterns in patient treatments and outcomes, operations and patient safety research, dose measurements using theoretical “phantoms” (like crash test dummies, but for radiation dose), treatment-related software development, clinical trials and more.

Treatment Planning

New treatment and verification techniques help us to be more effective at tumor elimination while limiting normal tissue damage. We study all aspects of the treatment process from measuring the radiation coming from the treatment machines (QA) to comparing treatment options for effectiveness and safety.

Image Deformation and IGRT

Sophisticated IGRT (Image Guided Radiotherapy) techniques require us to deform CT, MR and US images to match previous images of the same patient or to match an atlas in order to transfer atlas-embedded information back to a specific patient’s images. Although no one has solved this complex issue in the general case, specific solutions enable us to treat some tumors more effectively than ever before.