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High profile publication by Dr. Andrew Wang in Advanced Materials

Andrew Wang

Congratulations to radiation oncology physician-scientist Dr. Andrew Wang for his high profile publication in the journal Advanced Materials. In his study, Dr. Wang and colleagues developed a promising new nanotechnology-based delivery system for a mixture of two different immunotherapy drugs, one that directly stimulates the immune system and a second that works indirectly by “reactivating” immune cells that had been turned off by the tumor.

In mice with breast and melanoma skin cancer, the use of the two drugs together was better able to trigger the body’s defenses to attack the tumor that the use of either drug alone. Adding radiation therapy further improved the combination’s effectiveness.

The mixing of the two immunotherapy drugs together wouldn’t have been possible without the use of tiny nanoparticles to encapsulate the drugs and deliver them to the immune cells.

You can read more about this research HERE.