SHAC’s mission to provide health care and community health support free of charge requires hard work and financial resources. SHAC strives to ensure fiscal stability through the Student Health Action Coalition Endowment Fund. Since 2002, the Fund has been growing through generous sponsors, but always has room to expand. In addition to our individual donors, and sponsors, we would like to thank the Medical Foundation of North Carolina for their continued support!

All budgetary decisions are voted on and approved by student representatives from each school that operates within SHAC. Email the for donation related questions.

Please consider contributing to SHAC’s future as a valuable community and educational resource!



1. Through the Medical Foundation of North Carolina:

Click the image below to make an online donation to SHAC.
Select “School of Medicine” and “Student Health Action Coalition – SHAC (348427)” from the drop down menus, or enter “SHAC” into the “Search Funds” feature.

Make A Gift


2. Or by mailing a check directly to:

SHAC Support Fund
Medical Foundation of NC, Inc.
PO Box 1050
Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27514-1050