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Bridge To CareThe Bridge to Care Clinic provides continuing medical care to patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes and hypertension. Medical visits are provided during regular clinic hours on Wednesday evenings, at which our Care Managers will help each patient get a referral to a permanent provider in the community.

Dental ClinicSHAC Dental Clinic is a student-run clinic for members of the surrounding community in need of emergent dental services. Its main purpose is to provide for those who are otherwise unable to access dental care; there are no requirements for those who would like to be patients.

Gender Affirming CareThe Gender Affirming Care Clinic offers free gender affirming care on the 3rd Wednesday of every month. Our goal is to improve the health of the transgender community by providing free, culturally humble, gender-affirming care and creating opportunities for health professions students to learn about serving this community. Services include: prescriptions for hormone therapy, general primary care, letters of support for surgery, and referrals to other resources and providers.

HIV & STIHIV & STI provides free HIV and sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing and sexual health counseling in collaboration with the UNC infectious diseases clinic. Volunteer counselors are trained to perform on-site rapid testing for HIV, Hepatitis C, and syphilis as well as lab testing for gonorrhea and chlamydia. Counselors can provide patients with safer sex supplies, tools, and education. Additionally, counselors can provide HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) referrals as needed or requested by the patient.

InterpretingSHAC Interpreting provides interpreting services for SHAC’s Spanish-speaking and Mandarin-speaking patients and helps translate SHAC-related written materials into Spanish or Mandarin. Volunteers are UNC students and employees seeking to practice and develop their Spanish or Mandarin language and clinical interpreting skills.

Medical ClinicSHAC Medical Clinic is the nation’s oldest student-run free clinic. Since its inception in 1967, the clinic has evolved considerably while retaining its original mission: to serve the health needs of individuals who are unable to access the health care system. SHAC has grown from its humble beginnings in private residences of generous supporters to its present location at the Carrboro Community Health Center, one of North Carolina’s best primary care facilities.

Mental HealthSHAC Mental Health provides a variety of free mental health services every Wednesday night during clinic hours. Mental health services include: depression, anxiety, sleep, substance use, chronic pain, and interpersonal issues. UNC Clinical Psychology doctoral students are available weekly to address a variety of mental health issues and UNC Psychiatry Residents are available once a month to provide evaluation and management of any psychiatric concerns.

Ophthalmology/Eye CareSHAC Ophthalmology Clinic offers free basic ophthalmologic screenings the first Wednesday of every month. We provide the following services: evaluation of changes in vision that are not medical emergencies, visual acuity testing, glaucoma screening, cataract evaluation, diabetic retinopathy screening, referrals to the residents’ clinic at UNC Kittner Eye Center. We do not prescribe glasses or manage chronic conditions, such as a glaucoma, on a regular basis.

PharmacySHAC Pharmacy strives to assist the medical team in selecting the best possible medicine for every patient. We dispense select medications on site (no controlled substances or narcotics, and no refills). We counsel on safe and effective medication use and provide prescriptions to be picked up at another local pharmacy for free. Lastly, we administer flu shots.

Physical TherapyAt SHAC, Physical Therapy will listen to your musculoskeletal complaint(s) and give you the tools to return to your prior level of mobility and decrease and/or manage pain. This is accomplished using exercise, education, and massage. The use of Physical Therapy may reduce the need for medications and surgery.

GYN WellnessSHAC GYN Wellness Clinic provides free visits every third Wednesday of the month for patients seeking reproductive and gynecologic health care.
Services include: reproductive and sexual health wellness visits, breast exams, pelvic exams, Pap smears, and STI testing. Additionally, birth control and menopause treatments are also available. If patients are interested in contraception or medications, please review the FAQs on our page prior to the appointment.

Well ChildSHAC Well Child enables school-age children to receive all required vaccinations and physical examinations as necessary for school entry and participation in school activities, provides counseling and education regarding healthy lifestyle choices to children and their parents, and connects parents to healthcare payment assistance options and to options for affordable healthcare. We also allow health-professions students to learn about the interdisciplinary care of pediatric populations.  



Get Covered CarolinaGet Covered Carolina works with under served and vulnerable patients in the area in order to help them understand the online insurance marketplace and their options for insurance coverage. Certified Application Counselors sit down directly with consumers and walk them thorough the online insurance marketplace website and answer any of their questions or concerns about the application process, insurance, or any other related questions.

FlourishThe SHAC Nutrition Initiative (formerly Flourish at Carolina) aims to promote healthy lifestyle choices among both the student population of UNC-CH and Chapel Hill-Carrboro community members. The goal of the organization is to broaden opportunities for nutrition education and to empower populations with the resources to attain optimal nutritional wellness. By partnering with Cooking Matters, on-campus organizations, and local homeless shelters, the SHAC Nutrition Initiative works toward its ultimate goal of helping others find health where they are planted.

Medication Assistance Program The mission of SHAC MAP is to serve the community’s socioeconomically vulnerable patient population by providing them with free access to brand-named medications through manufacturer and state patient assistance programs. Efforts focus on medications to manage chronic diseases, including diabetes, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, smoking cessation, contraception and asthma.

Outreach SHAC Outreach provides a host of preventative screenings at two monthly walk-in clinics in Chapel Hill and Durham- not currently offered for the Fall of 2020. Services include: blood pressure and blood sugar measurements, lifestyle modification counseling, medication reconciliation, and personalized preventative health plans based on national guidelines. Additional services are offered at some walk-in clinics, and may include physical therapy as well as other evaluations.

Nutrition CounselingSHAC Nutrition Counseling is a free service where patients will meet with a registered dietitian to discuss nutrition. Lifestyle and illness are interconnected and we hope to provide our patients with the support and motivation they need to make lifestyle changes. Our team is available to discuss diet goals, provide nutrition education, and much more. Please see below for more appointment information.

Syringe Services ProgramThe SHAC Syringe Service Program’s primary mission is to provide critical safe injection and overdose reversal supplies while connecting individuals with an approachable method to access free testing and free medical care.