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UNC Surgery is pleased to announce Booker King, MD, FACS has been elected to the Fellowship of the Southern Surgical Association.  Dr. King is the Director of UNC’s Division of Burn Surgery and Interim Director of the Division of Acute Care & Trauma.  He is also a decorated Colonel, having served more than 20 years in the Army.

Read more about Dr. King’s career, achievements, and approach to patient care at his webpage.


About the Southern Surgical Association

The Southern Surgical Association is a fellowship of more than 800 accomplished professionals actively practicing in surgery or one of its sub-specialties. Since 1887, we have hosted an annual venue dedicated to the dissemination of research and discovery of superior surgical techniques, better outcomes and applicable knowledge.

Today the Southern Surgical Association is held in high esteem by professionals in surgical and related fields globally. Throughout its rich history, it has been regarded as an institution of expedience and integrity in its reports of surgical innovation. The subsequent and relatively rapid adoption of hundreds of ground-breaking concepts in surgery can be attributed to their presentation and publication by the association. Adapted from: