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North Carolina Jaycee Burn Center

Director, Burn Aftercare


About Anita:

Why did you choose care for burn survivors and loved ones?

When I was in nursing school at UNC, part of my clinical group did their surgery critical care rotation in the burn center.  I was assigned CTICU. At the end of each clinical day when we were together discussing our experiences, the burn center group always raved about how the burn team treated them as part of the team…how they were asked their opinions about the patients…how they considered all the needs of the patient and family, not just the physical/medical needs…  I learned a lot about wholistic health care when I was in nursing school, and teamwork.  But the burn center was the only unit where I truly saw it practiced.  Working in this burn center also afforded me the opportunity to work with all ages and different acuity…floor and ICU (and I was bitten by the critical care bug!).  I never expected I would spend my entire career here.  But once I got here, there was no where I thought I could go that would offer the same opportunities as the Burn Center.   Aftercare, Education, Research…It is all here if you want it.

What is your philosophy of care or approach to patient care?

I want to treat every patient the way I would want to be treated if I were the patient.  I have been on the patient/family side more than most.  And I know how health care providers make you feel as a person is even mor impactful than treating the diagnosis.  I have always tried to do what I could do, but also to go to other resources for help if the patient would benefit from more than I could provide.  I love to collaborate.  And my experience has been that our patients benefit most when everyone is working together and thinking outside the box!

I also think that working as a team was a draw for me.  When I was at the bedside, we all helped one another…with baths, covering each other’s patients, etc.  When our team is at its best, work is actually fun and always rewarding.


I grew up in Warsaw, North Carolina.  Came to college at UNC and have lived in Chapel Hill ever since.  My children were born and raised here.


I attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill twice.  Going back to nursing school was a change in career choice.

Additional interests

I love music and dancing.  And I most love spending time with friends.  And I am blessed to have many.  My faith is very important to me and I am happy when I am at the beach or in the mountains.  Most recently my family has enjoyed camping in our new camper.  We have an opportunity to travel and explore new places while being together in our home on wheels!


Anita Fields