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Recently, the Today Show featured UNC Gastrointestinal Surgery patient Sherri Rollins.  Rollins, diagnosed with recurrent colon cancer, came to UNC for more treatment options that could expand her quality of life after surgery.   At UNC, she found options and more: “I really liked a gastrointestinal surgeon at UNC Health, who told me the tumor could be removed and the ileostomy bag would be temporary”. (Source:

Her surgeon was José Gaston Guillem, MD, MPH, MBA, Chief of UNC’s Division of Gastrointestinal Surgery and Roscoe Bennett Gray Cowper, MD, Distinguished Professor. Dr. Guillem described his experience collaborating with Ms. Rollins for her care: “Working with Ms. Rollins in addressing her wishes and concerns was a true example of how we partner with patients at UNC. It was a pleasure being her surgeon and being able to work with our multidisciplinary team, in particular Dr Ted Yanagihara who delivered intra-operative Radiation Therapy after we had successfully resected her tumor”.

UNC Surgery hopes to follow up with Ms. Rollins for more on her perspectives and strength, including her self-advocacy, experience, and collaboration with her team at UNC. Check back soon!


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