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The North Carolina Jaycee Burn Center has much to celebrate.

 First Certified Burn Registered Nurses in the World 

Seven Burn Center nurses earned the distinction of being among among only 165 of the very first certified burn nurses (CBRN) in the world.  Nurses Lauren Alcorn, Paul Bradley, Ashley Kamiya, Morgan Karlok, Derek Miller, Susanna Shelton, and Courtney Wright. 

The Certified Burn Registered Nurse (CBRN) validates advanced knowledge and expertise across the burn care continuum—including pre-hospital and initial management, critical and acute care, patient and family support, rehabilitation and reintegration, and injury prevention education.


$500,000 Funding Award for Teen and Young Adult Burn Survivors

Smiles during Teen Adventure Weekend

Congratulations to the Aftercare Team, lead by Anita Fields, RN and Primary Investigator Felicia Williams, MD on award of this grant by the Oak Foundation for the project “NC Jaycee Burn Center: Assisting Teen Burn Survivors”.

Funds will support the Burn Center Aftercare Programs for services to teen and young adult burn survivors.

Aftercare encompasses meeting the emotional and psychosocial needs of the patients and their families as well as educating them about what to expect along this extensive road of recovery. Most importantly, it offers opportunities and tools necessary to heal and to make the most positive transition from burn victim to burn survivor.

Survivors of burn trauma need to know there is hope; they are not alone. The North Carolina Jaycee Burn Center is here to provide professional aftercare programs that offer spiritual and emotional support for patients, families, friends and community members throughout the recovery process. Whether through information, individual interaction, camps, reunions, retreats, regional events, or conferences, the Burn Team continues to offer new ways to provide aftercare to everyone. Learn more and view upcoming events here.


32nd Annual Celebration of Life Burn Survivor Reunion

One such Aftercare event is the annual  Celebration of Life reunion.  On November 4th, this 32nd annual event gathered survivors, their families and friends, members of the fire service, current and former Burn Center staff, and community volunteers for an opportunity to come together to share stories of recovery, struggle, and hope.

Burn survivor Kechi Okwuchi and mother Ijeoma Okwuchi on stage at the 32nd Annual Celebration of Life

Burn survivor, singer, motivational speaker and author Kechi Okwuchi and mother Ijeoma Okwuchi (also an author) gave the keynote speech sharing their path through burn  trauma, survivorship, to present-day thriving.  Kechi was a 2-time finalist on America’s Got Talent and released a book earlier this year.


Learn more about the Burn Center’s multi-disciplinary care for burn survivors and their loved ones during acute injury and healing, follow-up surgery and treatment, and beyond by clicking here.