Lupus patients who previously needed to visit an infusion center to receive the drug Benlysta, now have the option to administer the medicine themselves at home using a novel “auto-injector” device, thanks in part to the efforts of Dr. Saira Sheikh, who is a rheumatologist and allergist/immunologist at UNC, and who also directs the Lupus and Clinical trials programs at the UNC Thurston Arthritis Research Center. (More…)


Dr. Sheikh was recently invited to share her expertise during an educational session at the live national broadcast of the launch of the subcutaneous Benlysta auto-injector, in which she discussed day-to-day challenges faced by lupus patients, therapeutic approaches in lupus, and the Benlysta auto-injector clinical trial. Dr Sheikh was Principal Investigator on the clinical trial and first author on the research paper ( outlining the patient experience with the auto-injector device.