Thurston research is yielding important new insights on maximizing the benefits of exercise programs for patients with arthritis and other chronic health conditions.

Whether you are considering supporting innovative new research, assisting those who are dealing with a chronic disease, or ensuring the next generation of doctors receive top-notch training, your gift makes a difference.The focused nature of our efforts mean your gift will have a real impact, and if you wish it can be earmarked so that it directly supports a particular area of our work.

Fellowship Endowment Fund. We offer advanced and intensive two-year clinical training programs in Rheumatology, as well as Allergy and Immunology. We support fellows (physicians obtaining additional training that enables them to become board-certified specialists) in pursuit of innovative research projects, leadership opportunities, and invitations to present their work at scientific conferences. Contributions can be specifically designated to support either our Rheumatology fellowship program, or our Allergy and Immunology fellowship program.

Professorships. When it comes to competitive recruitment and retention, “professorships” play an important role for academic medical institutions. They provide permanent and renewable funding to enable the pursuit of faculty members’ patient-care, educational or research objectives, and to support junior faculty who work with them.

Nurse Educational Support. Educational opportunities for nurses are a vital component in enhancing the depth and breadth of their general medical and clinical expertise, ensuring a more effective and efficient clinical experience for patients.

Endowed Research Fund. Seed funding allows our researchers to launch new projects, provide important bridge funding between grants, or support existing projects. A named, endowed fund can directly support specific research efforts as well as the faculty involved, in the pursuit of new insights and treatments. Supporting pilot studies in new and emerging research areas enable the development of competitive applications for NIH or other funding. This is particularly valuable for new investigators as they work to establish their research careers.

Young Investigator Support. Funding young faculty members during the early and most critical periods of their research career ensures that we can attract and retain the best and the brightest minds to the study of Rheumatology, Allergy and Immunology.

Student Support. We recruit and train highly sought-after post-doctoral fellows interested in research, along with rising Junior and Senior undergraduates preparing for medical school admission. These students play a vital role in helping to keep laboratories of senior investigators moving forward and constantly innovating.

technical presentation at scientific conference
Researchers such as Yvonne Golightly, PhD, PT, share new osteoarthritis findings with other scientists at leading medical conferences.

Visiting Lectureship. A critical part of any innovative research center is the free exchange of ideas, research techniques, and results with colleagues near and far. Inviting experts from other institutions to share their expertise and research findings in seminars helps to achieve this goal. This process also allows others to learn of the cutting-edge work we are conducting, which can lead to important new clinical and research collaborations focused on helping patients.

Clinical Trial Expansion. Clinical trials involving new therapies can help to bring forth exciting and important new treatments for patients. Helping to improve our capacity enables us to increase the number of clinical trials we are able to conduct. Learn more about our clinical trials.

Patient Education. Developing high quality, customized materials for patient education regarding specific diseases and available treatments allows patients to better participate in their own medical care, and make important decisions with their physician regarding various future treatment plans.