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Innovative research being conducted by Dr. Richard Loeser and his team is yielding new insights into the development and progression of arthritis.

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Letter From the Director

Joanne M. Jordan, MD, MPH

Learn about our exciting leadership changes, and get the latest updates regarding research and treatment of rheumatologic, allergy and immunologic diseases.

Research News

Leigh Callahan, PhD, explains how a unique study is providing a “reality test” for physical activity and weight loss programs

Researchers are gaining valuable insights into the causes and impact of physical inactivity.

Amanda Nelson, MD, examines effectiveness and feasibility of using ultrasound technology to study osteoarthritis in knee joints

Scientists at the UNC Thurston Arthritis Research Center are exploring how ultrasound can offer important benefits related to the study of osteoarthritis.

Saira Sheikh, MD, pursues unique, “next generation” clinical trials focusing on direct molecular pathways to find new ways to treat lupus

Innovative approaches to research may lead to changes in the way this disease is treated in the future.

Additional Research Highlights

News related to the latest research in Rheumatology, Allergy and Immunology

Thurston scientists are leading the way in studying the cause and geographical spread of a meat allergy related to tick bites, novel ways to treat a variety food allergies, addressing barriers to immunizations, novel exercise interventions for osteoarthritis, and new tools that are important to genomics research.

Inspirational Patient Stories

Swimming, walking, and 200 pounds of weight loss: one patient’s remarkable journey to better health

There was a time when Sandy Vargas could walk from her bedroom to her kitchen, but only if she would then be able to lie down to rest afterwards. Now she is a distance swimmer, and walks a dozen miles daily. Here is the inspirational story of how a patient and her UNC doctor teamed up to achieve lasting results.

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