Topics covered range from whether Osteoarthritis (OA) might be a predictor of mortality, challenges associated with management of the disease, the impact of musculoskeletal health on disability, and implications of obesity on musculoskeletal health. (More…)


Thurston Arthritis Research Center (TARC) and Osteoarthritis Action Alliance experts whose research was included are:

-Rebecca Cleveland, PhD, and Leigh Callahan, PhD: Can Osteoarthritis Predict Mortality?

-Reshmi Raveendran, MD; and Amanda Nelson, MD, MSCR: Lower Extremity Osteoarthritis – Management and Challenges.

-Kelli Allen, PhD: Musculoskeletal Health – Addressing the Leading Causes of Disability.

-Kirsten Ambrose, MS: Where Does it Hurt? Implications of Obesity on Musculoskeletal Health.