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Dr. Amanda Nelson presenting at the OARSI World Congress meeting.

Researchers and clinicians lead group discussions, presented new data, and offered experts insights.

Examples of discussions and workshop topics included:

  • 2023 Joint Effort Initiative Discussion Group: “Measuring Outcomes of OAMPs”
  • OAAA Interactive Workshop: “Opportunities for Collaboration in Research & Public Health”
  • Pre-Congress Workshop: “Multi-joint Osteoarthritis”
  • Early Career Investigators Workshop: “Mentor Session”

Poster presentations included the following topics:

  • Development of a composite measure of physical performance using item response theory.
  • A machine learning approach to identify patterns of variation among collagen biomarkers and clinical features in a community-based cohort.
  • Cost effectiveness of community-based diet and exercise for patients with knee osteoarthritis and obesity or overweight.
  • Depression and total knee arthroplasty in knee osteoarthritis patients.
  • Diagnostic accuracy of ultrasound for identification of radiographic knee OA: The Johnston County Osteoarthritis Project.
  • Cross-sectional associations of ultrasound features at the knee with sex, race, ethnicity and radiographic OA: The Johnston County Health Study.
  • Poor physical function is associated with mortality among individuals with knee and/or hip OA: The Johnston County Osteoarthritis Project.
  • Early ablation of chemokine receptor-2 in mouse osteoblasts decrease cartilage matrix damage and subchondral bone sclerosis during injury-induced osteoarthritis.
  • Imaging activated macrophage localization using a folate receptor-targeted near infrared molecular contrast agent in injured knees.
  • Examining racial disparities in physical therapy delivery among adults after ACL Injury accessing a nationwide private practice in the U.S.

More detailed information regarding the 2023 OARSI World Congress is available on the OARSI website.