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Moderator with keynote speaker
Dr. Scott Commins; Moderator, with Dr. Ali Ellebedy; Keynote Speaker

Approximately 100 leading researchers and clinicians, research staff and trainees gathered recently to discuss innovative ways to advance research in arthritis, allergy and autoimmune diseases. Additionally, attendees who couldn’t participate in person attended remotely.

Of particular interest this year was keynote speaker and John B. Winfield, MD Visiting Scholar, Ali Ellebedy, PhD, Associate Professor of Pathology and Immunology, Medicine and Microbiology at Washington University School of Medicine. His presentation was on, “B Cell Responses to Viral Infection and Vaccination.”

Also included in TARC’s annual Research Day were 4 featured talks and 24 posters.

Just a few examples of topics discussed in the presentations and posters included:

  • Physical function independently associated with mortality among individuals with knee and/or hip OA – The Johnston County OA project.
  • 3D chromatin structure in chondrocytes identifies putative osteoarthritis risk genes.
  • Gait biofeedback elicits biochemical changes in cartilage oligomeric matrix protein over time.Attendees listening to presentation
  • Tolerability of Covid-19 vaccine in patients with mast cell activation.
  • 25 years of mortality data in people with lower extremity OA: role of socioeconomic status.
  • Novel peanut-specific human IgE monoclonal antibodies enable screens for inhibitors of effector phase in food allergy.
  • Obesity is associated with higher odds of malignancy development among dermatomyositis patients.
  • Sex and race/ethnicity difference in knee symptoms, function and radiographic features; preliminary data from the Johnston County Health Study.
  • Influence of sociodemographic and clinical features on ground reaction force variability among individuals with symptomatic knee OA.

We invite you to learn more about the talks and topics discussed at TARC’s Research Day, 2022.