The OAAAA is giving away free guidebooks published by the Arthritis Foundation.  The 175-page “Walk With Ease” books are designed to assist adults in designing their own, tailor-made custom walking programs that appeal to their interests and needs, and which will can be incorporated into their daily lives.

The books provide educational information on osteoarthritis and address key points such as:

  • Walking safely and comfortably
  • Utilizing simple warm-up and cool-down stretches
  • Improving flexibility, strength and stamina
  • Reducing pain
  • Fighting the “I don’t want to exercise blues”
  • Keeping track of progress through a walking diary

Individuals can receive their free book by completing a brief, secure survey from the Osteoarthritis Action Alliance (OAAA).  In addition, the OAAA provides many additional resources such as access to a motivational, consumer-friendly online video that discusses the benefits of the Walk With Ease program and encourages people to begin walking.

Take the survey today and get started walking with a program specifically designed to help you find your stride.