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Hello Potential Colleague,

Thank you for your interest in the STARx Program! We are very excited to welcome you aboard. Since 2006, we have developed several instruments to measure transition readiness and participated in many different research projects. We have team members all over the U.S. and in many different countries that help contribute to our diverse body of work.

There are multiple levels of participation in the STARx Program that involve the utilization of different instruments.

  1. Level 1 Self-administered tool: This basic level of participation involves using our self-administered tool, the STARx, as a measure of transition readiness. Participants answer 18 questions related to five different domains including medications, disease knowledge, and self-management. The STARx takes approximately three minutes to complete. Parent and Spanish versions of the STARx are also available.
  2. Level 2 Self-administered and Provider-administered tools: This level includes both the STARx and the TRxANSITION Scale. The TRxANSITION Scale (T-Scale) is a provider-administered instrument created by our group that measures transition readiness. It has 10 different domains including adherence, sexual and reproductive health, and ongoing care needs. The T-Scale has 32 different items and takes 7 – 8 minutes to administer. There are Adolescent/Young Adult, Adult, Parent, Spanish, and Filipino versions of the T-Scale.
  3. Level 3 Self-administered, Provider-administered, and Health Literacy tools: This level includes the STARx, the T-Scale, and health literacy measures such as the Newest Vital Sign (NVS) and the REALM Teen. The NVS is a provider-administered instrument that involves the participant examining a food label and answering six nutrition related questions administered by the provider. The REALM Teen is a provider-administered instrument with three lists of 22 health related words. Participants read the words out loud and the provider marks each word that the participant skips or pronounces incorrectly.

For more information about the STARx Program and our instruments, click here. We would love to speak with you regarding your interest and involvement with the STARx Program, please with dates and times that we might be able to arrange a call with some of our team members. Thank you for your time!


Jordan Richards
Director of External Communications
UNC STARx Program