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Validated instruments created by the STARx Program to measure self-management and transition readiness.


Since 2006, our interdisciplinary STARx Team at UNC has created (and continues to validate) two tools to measure health care transition readiness – the provider-administered TRxANSITION Index (formerly known as the TRxANSITION Scale) and the self-report STARx Questionnaire.

1. The TRxANSITION Index™

The TRxANSITION Index is a 10-domain, 32-item questionnaire measuring transitions readiness that is administered by a trained professional. Administering the instrument takes about 7-8 minutes and can be done either in person or over the phone. The TRxANSITION Index™ Educational Handouts provide patient education that corresponds with each subdomain of the instrument.

2. STARx Transition Readiness Questionnaire

The STARx Questionnaire is a 3-domain, 18-item self-administered questionnaire measuring overall transition readiness. Patients can complete the STARx Questionnaire in 3 minutes on paper or on the computer.

3. Nephrology Medical Passport™

The Nephrology Medical Passport™ is a portable health summary the size of a driver’s license that a patient can carry with them in their wallet. The passport can be used for patient education as well as a tool for communication between patient and provider.


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