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UNC Urology is proud to share the exciting news about the launch of the American Urological Association’s (AUA) new initiative; the AUA Data Research Program. Recognizing the significance of the vast trove of data within the AUA Data Repository, the AUA has developed the Data Research Program to further empower its members to access, analyze, and derive benefits from it.

The involvement of our faculty members Drs. Hung-Jui (Ray) Tan and Matthew Nielsen in the program’s inception highlights UNC Urology’s dedication to advancing research and innovation across the field of urology.

Empowering Aspiring Researchers

The primary objective of the AUA Data Research Program is to break down financial barriers and provide aspiring researchers with access to data and statistical services. Many talented researchers lack the necessary grant funding or resources to pursue projects. However, this program offers a solution by allowing AUA Members access to the extensive data and services generated through the AUA. Driven by a desire to foster inclusivity, the program empowers individuals who may have otherwise been unable to engage in data-driven research.

The AUA Data Committee is currently accepting letters of intent for research proposals that address key knowledge gaps and emerging research questions related to urological care delivery, workforce development and health policy. For each cycle, the program will support two projects that will use the AQUA Registry patient cohort data and four projects that will use the AUA Annual Census data.

The deadline to submit a Letter of Intent for the first cohort of applications is June 24, 2023, 11:59 p.m. (EDT)

UNC Urologists at the Forefront

Together with the AUA Data Committee Chair Dr. Amanda North and AUA Data and Statistical Services, Dr. Hung-Jui (Ray) Tan and Dr. Matthew Nielsen, both at the UNC School of Medicine’s Department of Urology, have worked to establish the AUA Data Research Program. Dr. Tan, a member of the AUA Data Committee since 2020, brings a wealth of expertise to the program and will lead the scientific review process. Dr. Nielsen, as the AUA Science and Quality Council Chair, oversees the Data Committee responsible for developing this innovative program. Their involvement underscores the dedication of our department’s faculty to advancing research initiatives that have a transformative impact on urology.

Matthew Nielsen, MD, MS, FACS

Chair, Department Of Urology
John Sloan Rhodes And John Flint Rhodes Distinguished Professor Of Urology

Hung-Jui (Ray) Tan, MD, MSHPM

Director of Urologic Oncology
Urologic Oncology Fellowship Program Director
Associate Professor of Urology