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Need a School of Medicine website?  Request one here.

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Need a stock image/video? Find or request one.

Request Help

If you’ve already looked at the User Guide on this site and need additional assistance, please fill out our Website Help Request form or contact us at .

Training Opportunities

The School of Medicine Information Technology Web Team will be periodically offering training sessions on the new WordPress web system. View Events here

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Stay up to date with the latest news and events pertaining to the School of Medicine’s Web System by signing up for our web authors listserv. Subscribe now.

Custom Design/Development Work

If you would like to discuss custom design/development work, please contact

Additional Resources

Our White Coat theme is a child theme of UNC’s Heelium theme. For additional WordPress help, please visit the Heelium Documentation website.

UNC Digital Services Showcase

SkillfUL teach workshops at the Undergraduate Library offer a variety of digital training, including WordPress, Photography, Illustrator, Podcasting, etc. Visit their site to see upcoming classes.