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ordPress User Guide

This User Guide is a resource for School of Medicine site managers and editors - intended to provide instruction on basic and advanced editing in WordPress.

The UNC School of Medicine (SOM) uses the White Coat WordPress theme, which has features that are specific to the SOM websites. This guide gives information on how to edit and manage a site which uses this theme and aims to answer frequently asked questions and address common issues. If you cannot find the information you are looking for, please ask for help. The School of Medicine IT Department is here to assist you.

The Basics

Request a WordPress site and learn the basics to use our web system.

Web Standards & Policies

View web policies, and user accessibility requirements.

Sharing & Permissions

Learn how to grant someone access to edit a site.


Learn how to create and customize forms.

Styling Content

Learn how to layout content in columns, add buttons and other styling features.


Learn how to manage your top and left-hand navigation.

People Directory

Learn how to create and display profiles for your faculty and staff.


Learn what a plugin is, how to enable and disable them, and which plugins are available.


Learn how to add and link to media, such as images, documents and videos.


Learn how to use widgets for menus and footers.

Pages, News & Events

Learn how to add and display pages, news posts and events to a site.

Getting Help

If you need to request a website or ask for additional assistance with an issue on your site.

Some of the training links listed on this page go to the UNC LinkedIn Learning training site.  LinkedIn Learning is a UNC Chapel Hill licensed online video-training library that is available for FREE to UNC Faculty, Staff and Students. To access LinkedIn Learning, you must first log in with your Onyen through the UNC LinkedInLearning Sign-In.