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The Web Team exists to support you as you manage your departments website. Once your site is up and running, you will be responsible for all content management and updates, but the Web Team is available for any help and support you need along the way. We also have designers and developers available to add customizations to your site for an hourly fee.


SOM Web Hosting
Set up new website with unique URL using our White Coat theme.

Request a New Site
General Support
Website support, including troubleshooting issues and guiding site managers through minor updates.

Please include:
The URL of your website and a detailed description of your issue. Screenshots are always helpful!

We offer regular WordPress training sessions, as well as WebEx/Zoom meetings to explain specific concepts on request.

We also offer an abundance of curated resources on our User Guide featuring in-house SOM specific videos and general WordPress tips and resources.

Website Analytics
If your website exists on the School of Medicine’s network we can offer basic website performance metrics such as page views, time on page, and more. On request, we can provide you with this basic data from the School of Medicine’s Google Analytics account.

Contact to request data

Paid Services – $80/ hour

Design and Customizations
Our team of designers and developers have a vested interest in creating a School of Medicine website that is unique to your department’s needs. We work with your vision to diligently provide you with a professional website that adheres to the excellence expected of UNC School of Medicine.

Content Management
In the case that you do not have content manager for your site, you can hire our team to make updates as needed. All you have to do is provide the content! The pricing for this service is subject to the scope, urgency and revision.

Contact to learn more

Advanced Website Analytics & SEO
If you would like more advanced insights and/or data-supported performance metrics our team can help. We can help you focus on your website’s content and digital strategy while providing you with detailed usage data and engagement metrics for your website and across search platforms. Paired with our experience and recommendations, you can create and publish future content with confidence.

Contact to request advanced analytics