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Life can be stressful while pursuing a graduate or professional degree. The School of Medicine knows this and wants to support you during your time here. As an MD or MD/PhD student, you are eligible for School of Medicine specific counseling support. To schedule an initial assessment or to learn more about available services, please email the counselor you would like to meet with.

Available services include an initial assessment of needs, individualized treatment planning for brief therapy, referral coordination to community-based providers for specialized or ongoing care, connection to group therapy services, and support for medication management. Financial support for out-of-pocket mental health expenses is available if needed. For crisis or 24/7 support, call UNC CAPS at 919-966-3658 or call/text 988 for the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline.

Mental Health Fund

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Because mental health care is variably covered by insurance, the expense of care can be a barrier for students seeking treatment. We propose establishing a fund of $30,000 to award students grants of up to $500.00 per semester to pay for mental health care not covered by insurance. The $500.00 award may be renewed with documentation from the student’s external mental health care provider that the previous funds were used for services and that there is a need for continuing care. This program is available to current MD Program students and is contingent on the availability of funding.

For more information on the Mental Health Fund, please email

Taking Care of Our Own

UNC medical students are able to access the Taking Care of Our Own Program. The Taking Care of Our Own Program (TCOOO) has been a cornerstone resource at the UNC School of Medicine since its inception in 2012. The mission has always been to promote the well-being of our physicians and physicians. Below is a part of the welcome message from the director Dr. Jessica Khan.

“Dear Medical Students,

We are delighted to extend a warm welcome to you from the Taking Care of Our Own (TCOOO) Program!

We recognize that, albeit an incredible experience, medical school can also present its own intensity and demands, both academically as well as emotionally. TCOOO is thrilled to be able to be a resource for you to help navigate the ups and downs of this incredible journey you are about to take.

Our team provides you with the tools, guidance, and support necessary to hone and maintain your mental and emotional well-being throughout your medical education. Whether you would want to meet with our team to consider ways to channel your well-being or if find yourself feeling more concerned by any number of topics (e.g., academic stress, test anxiety, burnout, imposter syndrome, personal challenges, etc.), our counselors are here to lend a listening ear, offer practical strategies, and empower you to overcome obstacles that may arise. Taking care of your mental health is crucial to excelling in your medical studies. By investing in your well-being, you’re investing in your future as a compassionate and effective physician.”

Students may read more about the program and how to access its services here:

To request an individual appointment for counseling or a wellness visit with one of our TCOOO, please complete the TCOOO Intake Form. We encourage sending in the intake form 24/7, but want all to be aware that responses are limited to standard business operating hours.

To call to schedule an appointment during regular business hours, you may call the main clinic line at 984-974-5217, and choose option #2.

All UNC Medical Students have access to these services at no personal cost, as the School of Medicine has provided coverage for these costs.

All visits are confidential and in accordance with HIPAA.

Finally, medical students can continue to access Counseling and Psychological Services through the university. To read about the program and how to access services, please read more here:




The School of Medicine CAPS Counselor Offices are located within School of Medicine buildings. Please discuss meeting location with your counselor.