Biostatistics and Data Management Core

The Center for Gastrointestinal Biology and Disease (CGIBD) Biostatistics and Data Management Core provides comprehensive statistical and data management services.

Statistical analysis services include study design, power and sample size analysis, randomization, statistical programming, consultation and the development of analysis plans, graphs, figures and reports.

Data management services include the following:

Data Capture - The development of case report forms and instructions, data entry database design, data entry validation, interviewing, double data entry and electronic data capture (web, telephone and laptop CADI).

Data Management - Database design for study management, forms tracking and specimen tracking, computer backups, data security, confidentiality, data closure and ongoing dataset maintenance.

Data Cleaning - Data validation, range and edit checks, cross-form edit checks, query generating and tracking, and data status reports.

Certain Biostatistic Core services are performed on a fee-for-service basis. Center members are entitled to limited use of the core without charge. For further details please contact Joseph Galanko.


Joseph Galanko, Ph.D.

Biostatistics Services

Data Management Services
Data Collection and Validation
Forms Development
Enrollment Tracking
Data Capture
Electronic Data Transfer
Data Validation
Dynamic, data-driven Web applications
Data Management
Data Security and Confedentiality
Data Closure
Specimen Tracking
Applications and Statistical Programming
Statistical Analysis Support