Sai H. Chavala, M.D.

Assistant Professor

Director, Laboratory for Retinal Rehabilitation

Sai H. Chavala, MD
Member, Lineberger and Neuroscience Centers


Vitreoretinal Surgery and Diseases

Education and Training:

Medical School:

University of Missouri-Kansas City, Kansas, City, MO


Internal Medicine, New York University Downtown Hospital, New York University, Cleveland, OH


Ophthalmology, Cole Eye Institute, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland, OH


Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship in Angiogenesis and Stem Cells, Weill Medical College of Cornell University, New York, NY

Medical and Surgical Retina, Duke University Eye Center, Duke University, Durham, NC

Special Interests:

Stem cell biology, cell replacement therapy, cellular reprogramming

Research Goals:

My long-term career goal is to create novel treatments that improve the quality of life of patients suffering from retinal disease. To achieve this goal, I study the molecular mechanisms that control self-renewal, proliferation, competence, and differentiation of stem/progenitor cells. The purpose of my research is to pioneer cell based therapies to preserve and restore vision.