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To make an appointment: 

1) Call UNC Department of Ophthalmology Scheduling Center
PH: (984) 974-2020  (All locations)
2) Visit UNC Kittner Eye Center
2226 Nelson Highway
2nd Floor / Suite 220
Chapel Hill, NC 27517
8:00am to 5:00pm
Monday – Friday

Emergency Eye Care, Nights and Weekends

(919) 966-4131
Ask for the ophthalmologist on call.

General Information

PH: (919) 966-5296 (UNC Department of Ophthalmology offices)

Patient’s First Visit

Patients are requested to bring glasses or contact lenses currently being used with them, along with any other visual aids or prostheses. Also, patients should bring with them all medications, including ointments or drops, and medication being taken for other health reasons. Patients should bring all X-ray films (not simply written reports) including MRI and CT scans. Patients should plan on the first visit lasting two and one-half hours and return visits one hour. Patients should have someone with them who can drive home since their eyes will be dilated and vision will be restricted.

The following information is necessary for an appointment with the Department of Ophthalmology:

  • Full name with correct spelling
  • Date of birth
  • Mailing address
  • Daytime phone number
  • Chief complaint or reason for appointment

Routine Appointments (Comprehensive Eye Care)

Patients who have appointments for routine eye examinations will be asked to complete a medical and family history questionnaire (first appointment only). Patients next receive a routine examination to check for vision and glaucoma. The physician also examines both the front and the back of the eye for any disorders or abnormalities. If a problem is suspected, the physician may do one or more of the following:

  • Photograph the eyes
  • Prescribe glasses or contact lenses
  • Prescribe medication
  • Schedule appointment for additional evaluation
  • Test visual fields