Mindfulness for Youth and Teens

Learning to Breathe: A Summer Mindfulness Experience  for High School Teens 

Mindfulness is ‘paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, and without judgement’ (Kabat-Zinn, 1990)

Taught by Kate Murphy, who is a nationally board certified teacher, currently working as a  counselor in Durham Public Schools.  Kate has been teaching mindfulness to teens for the past five years and has taught stress reduction art classes at Duke Diet and Fitness Center and the Teer House. She has studied MBSR, Learning to Breathe and Mindful Self Compassion. One of her primary practices is Mindful Drawing.

Kate has been practicing mindfulness meditation for 20 years. She completed the Duke graduate MBSR course, and is a nationally board-certified teacher and certified yoga instructor. For 10 years, Kate taught stress reduction painting classes at the Duke Diet and Fitness Center. As a middle school counselor, she has a special interest in mindfulness for teens.

Mindfulness is the practice of becoming aware of one’s present-moment experience with compassion and openness as a basis for wise action. This curriculum is intended to strengthen attention and emotion regulation, cultivate wholesome emotions like gratitude and compassion, expand the repertoire of stress management skills, and help participants integrate mindfulness into daily life.

What are the program goals?

  • To provide universal, developmentally appropriate mindfulness instruction that fosters mental health and wellness;
  • To enhance emotion awareness and emotion management skills and to foster wholesome emotional balance;
  • To strengthen attention;
  • To expand the repertoire of skills for stress management;
  • To help students integrate mindfulness into everyday life.

Learning to Breathe: A Summer Mindfulness Experience  for High School Teens 

Daily: Monday, June 26- Thursday June 29, 2017, from 10:00am to 2:30pm 

Instructor: Kate Murphy          

Location: Resurrection United Methodist Church, 4705 Old Chapel Hill Road, Durham, NC 27707

Cost: $300

Please have your teen bring a brown-bag lunch


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Questions? email  mindfulness@med.unc.edu or Phone 919-966-8586


The class will be taught by Dr. Karen Bluth, an experienced mindfulness instructor and educator with 18 years formal classroom teaching experience with children and adolescents. Dr. Bluth’s research is focused on improving adolescent and family well-being through mindfulness interventions. She began practicing mindfulness when she was an adolescent.